ould cause all geo- economic hell to break loose, analysts said. On Wednesday early afternoon Senate leaders said they cut a deal to avert a debt default, and Tea Party-backed sena.

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Address later Tuesday, according to excerpts released in advance by the White House. "After investing in better research and education...we unleashed a wave of innovation that cre.

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ses, diapers and toilet rolls. Both Haitian and Mexican volunteers are busy filling trucks with goods, which will head down to the eastern port Veracruz and then be loaded onto th.

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relationship with the United States. Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca on Thursday announced the official issue of the new law and asked Washington for "a transparent, .

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t to disclose more details about the national security request?data. ?Google sent a letter to the office of U.S. Attorney General and the FBI on Tuesday morning. ?Google has reveal.

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xt prime minister position. The four blocs he referred to are: the Iraqia headed by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, Iraqi National Alliance (INA), Maliki' s State of Law and the .

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hat the cables are covered by a tough outer layer that requires especial tools to cut through. The spate of vandalism has raised concern about the vulnerability of internet infras.

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ieve this is happening under my watch," said Senate Minority (Republican) Leader Bill Cadman who was visibly upset on the senate floor after the Democratic-controlled (20-15) Sta.

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oups to deal with such issues as an end to more than two months of bloody anti-government protests and the victims of the failed coup against former President Hugo Chavez in 2002,.

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