os of the Armenian Genocide, claimed responsibility for the Aug. 27, 1982 assassination of the 45-year-old Turkish diplomat, who became the first victim of international terroris.

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before Oct. 15. "We are close to get them out and I hope that the miners be rescued before I travel to Europe on Oct. 15," Pinera told local radio, adding that technicians have est.

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ography. During the operation, the police issued 10 search and arrest warrants in the cities of Itaquaquecetuba and Santo Andre in the state of Sao Paulo, and Nova Iguazu in the st.

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ents clashed after students refused to obey orders to disperse. Press reports placed the number of students marching through Alameda Avenue at thousands, saying they blocked stree.

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ugust, had been launched by the Panamanian government due to the magnitude of the migratory phenomenon in this country. Among the beneficiaries were immigrants from Colombia, Nica.

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y using his position to establish an arms-for-drugs route with the FARC, while Rosales, a congressman for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and former mayor of the Libertad .

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-dollar notes, as a special seasonal gift featuring the most symbolic icon of Chinese traditional culture, in celebration of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year. U.S. Treasurer Ro.

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lion dollars. "We're ratcheting down to a slightly lower budget level than we anticipated for this year. The cuts put us in line with what we think next year's budget is going to .

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ed Chavez appeared to walk into the NEC's offices with some difficulty, aided by his two daughters. The former soldier's physical condition has become a focal point of the nation'.

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